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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Three not-so-skating-related incidents

When I got to the rink tonight, and the cashiers handed me a note which was neatly folded and stapled. I chipped my nail trying to get the staple off, so I asked one of the guys at the skate rental if he had a nail file. He asked if scissors would do. When I shook my head, he pointed to the skate-sharpening machine!


After skating, I changed out of my boots, stretched, picked up my skates to go home, and promptly twisted my ankle - by stepping on the edge of the rubber mat!


As I was walking to the taxi stand, there were two ladies walking in front of me, and nobody at the stand. Now, taxi stands here have metal bars demarcating where the queue should be. And we had to walk around to enter the stand and get to the front of the queue.

The first lady one had a bunch of flowers (the 'flower lady'), and she walked around to enter the stand. The second one was talking on the phone (the 'phone lady'), and just walked straight up to where the front of the queue would be, and stood beside the bar. Of course, the phone lady, not having had to walk around, was already there before the flower lady got to the front.

I followed the flower lady, stood behind her, and wondered if the phone lady was really waiting for a taxi. When the flower lady got into the first cab, the phone lady was utterly disgusted, claiming she "got there first".


Anyway, skating was still fun this evening, though I don't really like to skate in the evening 'cos I am already tired from a day's work. Maybe I have gotten used to skating when not yet fully awake!


Ani said...

Hope your ankle injury was not serious. Nice blog. I like reading the writings of people who are passionate about sports.

Chow said...

The ankle injury was minor. Thanks for asking, and keep reading! :-)