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Monday, August 07, 2006

Flip Flop Camel

(uh, the title should read change-of-edge camel spin!)

My first foray into the change-of-edge spins in the camel position was early this year, from a flying camel. I thought it'd be worth a try the change-of-edge... after all, so long as I stayed on my foot, the worst would be looking stupid.

BUT I did not stay on my foot. The next thing I knew, I was sprawled face down on the ice... eeks!

Didn't try that again. Instead, I moved on to trying change-edge back sit and change-edge back upright, both of which were slightly more successful.

This morning, my coach asked me to do a forward camel, with change-of-edge. Well, actually he asked if I could change to outside, then change back.

I replied, yes, of course I can change to the outside edge, but I don't think I can change back, 'cos I would probably be on the floor by then!

He must have either not heard or chosen to ignore my later statement, as he went ahead and made me to it. Surprisingly, it wasn't all that difficult, and I managed to get a few revolutions in before I totally flipped over on my back on the ice.

I tried a few more times, then gave up (oh actually it was the end of lesson). Anyway, I suppose my next project will be trying to figure out how to get that! Haha!

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