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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Lutz Jump

In an earlier post "Lutz - the double?" I mentioned about not rushing to pull the legs together on the Lutz take-off. Now, I've received another tip - jump to the left! (for CCW rotation)

This was what we were doing in the seminar - just a subtle sideways movement, not large nor obvious, then pull in for the jump. Some exercises we did at the seminar (all described for CCW rotation):

Against the boards: Stand about one foot away, with the board on the left, pick in and pull the left foot sideways to hit the board.

On the ice, stand on both feet. Pick in with R toe and jump to the left.

LBO edge pulls: like power pulls on L foot, but concentrating on the pressure on the outside edge.

LB power pulls into lutz: change-edge pulls (LBI-LBO-LBI-LBO) toe in and jump.

toeless 1/2 lutz (or full lutz): lutz entry, but jump without using toe.

Mohawk-and-cross entry: LFI Mo RBI XF LBO and toe in to jump. I kinda like that now, and this morning decided to use it in my program ;-)

No wonder MP was saying that skaters either have a good flip and a flutz, or a good lutz and a ... what do you call a flip that takes off from the wrong edge??

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