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Friday, August 18, 2006

New Footwork Sequence

In the midst of making my "draft" choreography of my program last Monday, I had left out details of the footwork sequence. Or rather, the footwork sequence I had in mind didn't quite fit, so I left it out for the time being.

Yesterday evening, I went to the rink and made up a new footwork sequence, this time a circular one. This is the first time I'm putting a circular footwork sequence in my program!

So here goes...
  - first RFI into CCW twizzles, then LFO into CW twizzles, and then a RFO rocker, XF to LBO-RFI choctaw sequence.
  - this is followed by a lunge, into a RFI3 and those little hops as you turn around... whatever you call it!
  - after that, a RFI bracket, step, XF, then RBI rocker to LFO bracket, then step to RBO-LFI choctaw sequence.
  - at the end, are mohawks (RFI-LBI-RFI-LBI) and immediately after, the flip-loop!

By the time I got to the flip-loop, I had barely any speed! Gotta work on that!

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