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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Ice Skating Rink in Singapore

Figure skating is not an easy sport to maintain in this little tropical island of Singapore.

There is the obvious "cooling problem" - much energy is required to maintain the ice. One would wonder if solar panels can do the work!

There is also the "land issue" - Singapore is a tiny island, not much land to build on, and whatever is available is costly.

And of course there's the "kiasu syndrome" - few locals would pay a fortune for their kids to skate. After all, skating is not going to make them a living!

Even with all this, it has been very encouraging that the one and only rink here right now has survived more then 10 years. However, it sounds like we might face the prospects of it closing soon.

The building this rink is in was recently bought over by CapitaMall Trust. This company is aggressive, and has, to its credit, done well with various shopping malls in Singapore, and made positive changes to this building in the last year.

The rink's lease is up in September. It is highly likely that CapitaMall will up the rental beyond what the rink can commit to. Until now, we have not heard anything... except for a few rumours...


Anonymous said...

so i suppose the rink will be closing?
that means i shouldn't bring my skates when i come to singapore.

Chow said...

Nope, I never said the rink will be closing. Negotiations are under way and it sounds like the rink is staying, though what the exact details and schedule is, I'm not sure yet.