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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another shot at dance?

I have been trying to talk my coach into partnering with me for the dance event in this upcoming competition. Our first conversation on Monday went something like this:
Me: why don't you partner me for dance at the competition?
Coach: there won't be time to practise.
Me: I have 2 lessons a week, I'm sure we can put that double loop aside and dance for a while.
Coach: I will get tired, how will I continue to coach after that?
Me: well, you have some free time after my lesson. Take a rest!
Coach: well, I have turned others down, I cannot promise you...
Me: its different, right?? (I was cracking my head trying to think of which other lady would have asked him to partner her for this competition)

The next day, I went to skate and he was coaching someone else. I skated by him and asked, "so, will you dance with me?" He said, "Ok." I could not believe my ears. It was too easy to be true. But he was in the middle of a lesson, I was practising, not a time to chat.

The following day, I was coaching and so was he. We happened to stand close by at one point in time, and I asked again, "you will really dance with me for the competition?" He replied, "yes"

On Friday morning, I had a lesson. I asked what we were doing, and he said "jump, what else?"
I responded: but you are going to dance with me, when can we practise?
He said: did I say I was going to dance with you?
I was taken aback. "Yes, in the competition, right?"
He said, "oh yes, at competition, not now!"

YOU!! You were toying with me!! I spent the next two hours fuming over that.

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