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Friday, November 03, 2006

When a friend quits

Chatting with a friend last night, she disclosed her decision to quit skating. Not just quit skating, but also letting go of all involvement in the skating scene.

She has her reasons. Disillusionment, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration... While there has been indications in previous conversations, I wasn't prepared for such eventuality. I knew she had goals and aspirations, and to quit would be to give those up. She knows that too... but passion cannot be forced.

After our conversation, I wondered if I should have persuaded her to keep skating. I got to know her through skating, and it would be a crime to let her stop mid-way. However, I realise that our friendship has gone beyond that, and I respect her decision. There is more to life than skating (yes, certainly!) and whatever she decides, we will still be friends.

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