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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Artistic Program

Somehow, I managed to let my coach talk me into entering the Artistic event. In ISI competitions, this is an event that is judged on - yes, exactly that, artistry! Oh and of course innovative moves, interpretation of music, etc. Just not necessarily jumps and/or spins.

I have never before entered an Artistic event myself, partly because I was always so focused on my freestyle program. This year, I was bemoaning the fact that I can't do a half-loop... the ISI Freestyle 6 program requires a combination jump, specifically the Axel - half-loop - flip. That was the last thing I could put up with. I refused to test the next level because of others

So, my coach had suggested to not enter Freestyle and do Artistic instead.

I watched Mao Asada's short program at Skate America 2006, and marvelled at how she made her entire program look light and effortless. It is such a pity she didn't pull her long program through the same way!

That made me think more about expression and extension when choreographing the Artistic program this evening. Somehow, that seemed easier when I do not have to squeeze in all the required elements. Perhaps entering Artistic instead of freestyle is not that bad an idea!

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