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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Rink at Suntec City

In December, there will be a temporary rink set up at Suntec City. The Singapore Ice Skating Association will have the ice from 18 - 23 December, and will host public skating sessions, as well as two performances a day.
Link to the Event Poster (on SISA website)

There was a call for volunteers to perform or help out with the sessions. Some of us adults have got together to plan for a group number... uhh... but that was before I saw that it is advertised as "Kids on Ice". Oh well, we will still be kids!

Anyway, given the space and cooling costs, do not expect the rink to be big. Oh, I mean, expect the rink to be just 7m by 7m. Yes, that is all... I am still trying to imagine how to fit things in such a size.

Two weeks ago, I measured distance on the ice using the length of my blade, and found that the two blue lines at the middle of the rink at Fuji Ice Palace are 7m apart. (Of course, it was only later that I realised I could have just asked the office how far apart the blue lines were.) Ok, I can do spins in there - doesn't seem too bad... BUT when I tried the Axel, it was impossible!!! Will need to come up with some creative use of space (both ice and non-ice) to make up something feasible.

I am curious which Australian group it is who are doing the other performances.

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