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Monday, November 06, 2006

Sit spin, change-edge, fall !!

The stupidity of it all... it has been a long time since I have fallen on a spin. Ok until that last time when I tried change-edge camels... and then again this morning.

Lesson this morning was good. The double Sal and double toe are coming along ok, though they could be better. I also did some decent under-rotated double loops...
- Decent because I stayed upright, on one foot
- Under-rotated because... well, it was definitely under-rotated
- but still more decent than those that flop everywhere

Towards the last 5 minutes of lesson today, my coach wanted to see the change-edge sit spin. I spent more time rolling on the ice than spinning! He got me to do the change-edge upright. To my surprise, it worked! Back to the sit spin... plop on the ice again! ARGH!!!

He asked me to not sit so low... umm... funny how its so hard to hold a high sit spin once you're used to getting down!

Next time, I will try: sit spin -> broken leg -> change edge in half-sit position. Next time...

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