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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Competition Events

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have decided to enter the artistic event in competition - amongst other events.

Now, what exactly are the other events, I can't really remember. What I can remember is telling my coach that I didn't want to do anything that requires choreographing another program (as well as persuading him dancing with me, but that's beyond hope). I vaguely recall putting in Dance and Figures, and maybe solo compulsories, on a whim. Then he signed it, and suggested I could do "jump and spin" with another student of his - he would check and confirm.
Yesterday, l tried figures - just Figure 1, since I can't do a nice enough BO edges to pass Figure 2. My coach comes up to me and asked, are you competing in this? I said, I don't know. You signed the paper, you should know!
I suppose the "jump and spin" event should be confirmed... forgot to ask him!
Anyway, the artistic program is coming along easily. Never have I done a program with just 2 jumps, 2 spins and a spiral sequence. Lots of time to think, breathe, glide and wave my arms around in between! Oh, wait a minute... this morning I thought a little more about it, and realised that, hey, I can turn this artistic program into a freestyle program by just adding another 30s of music, during which I put in the required "dance step sequence". I mean, I either do or have a space to do each of the other required elements in Freestyle 6! Sheesh, how did it end up that way??!!
If anyone is wondering why I'm still in Freestyle 6 after all these years, here's why:
1. I cannot land that #*$@#& double toe consistently to pass FS7. (erm, not that the d Sal is any more consistent, but... haha, old story!)
2. I cannot do a 1-ft Axel. I cannot make anything land on the "wrong" foot these days - that is why I'm not doing FS6 freestyle because of the 1/2 loop requirement in the Axel 1/2-loop flip combination.
3. I refuse to do a walley, let alone two walleys in a row.
If I can get these out of the way, the FS7 test would be no problem. But what for?

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