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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Recognizing jumps

Is it very hard for non-skaters to recognize jumps??

In a discussion with a fellow adult skater, we were talking about how the association is looking to train judges, and how, maybe parents should start getting involved. She pointed out that many non-skaters have difficulty recognizing jumps, citing as examples previous judges' training sessions where some of the mothers did indeed have

So, out of curiosity, I tried it out on my DH last night.

I think there are three stages to recognizing jumps.
First, to know the names/definition of each jump.
Next, to be able to recognize the edge a skater is on.
Lastly, to be able to recognize the jump while it is done.

The first stage is probably not too difficult - after all, its mostly a matter of remembering the definitions of each jump. My DH tried to visualize how each of those jumps would be, and was able to tell me, after some analysis, which seemed easier and which seemed like they would be harder.

The second stage was harder. Funny I always thought it was intuitive - I mean, if you are on the right foot and pressing on the outside edge, there's pretty much only one direction you can go, right?? Oh well, apparently it wasn't all that obvious. And after figuring out edges and direction, actually seeing what edge a skater is on is not all so straightforward!!!

The last stage is probably the worst. Partly because of the many different types of entries, partly because everything happens so fast, and also partly because the entry edge for the toe jumps are usually not very deep.

Overall, my DH did well. He picked up little tips like subsequent jumps in combination would be toe loop or loop, looking out for the Lutz, etc. Sure enough, there has to be a certain skill involved, but I believe there are many parents out there who are capable of doing it!

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