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Monday, April 23, 2007

Beautiful Monday

Ok, I promise I will not always title my posts with "Beautiful day-of-the-week". But no photo today.

This morning, today my DH got back from the US at 5:40am. For the first time, I actually had company for my early morning tea at 6:30am!! *BEAM*

Lesson went well. Axels and 2Sals were landed, but my coach decided that today was the day he would get picky about my air position. Is it be coincidence? Just over the weekend, I was lamenting about how I never pull straight in the air... GRR!!!

2toes weren't too bad (at least I don't chicken out! haha!) One of those, I landed way too much on the inside edge, and my coach went over to the tracing and claimed that I had over-rotated it!

I finally managed to complete a run of my entire program, which I had revamped after Nationals. BUT this was after lesson, as I decided to fall on the flip (single!?!?) in the program during lesson, and didn't continue from there.

Still trying to decide whether to skate ice time tomorrow morning...

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