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Monday, April 09, 2007

Lesson after competition

One more thing to add to Murphy's Law:
Jumps will always be tons better once competition is over.
(skating in general gets better as soon as competition is over!)

I think this must be the first time that Axel, 2Sal and 2Toe felt good on the same day! Well, I suppose my back was certainly much better today, and I skated at 8:30am instead of the usual 8am.

I tried my program to music again, and within the first 20s realised that I'd forgotten that I was going to change it... ARGH!!! And of course I also later realised that my toe loop is way to close to the wall, I crashed - not once, but twice - you'd think I'd learn!

I managed to talk EKE into going to VTT. She's very enthusiastic about it, and even put together a program within the week and came for ice time this morning to try it out! COOL!!!

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