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Thursday, April 12, 2007

How often do I change boots?

Recently a friend asked, how I knew when my boots had to be changed. My first response was "When it gets so cut up that I can't bear to see them!"

I did a quick survey of my boots purchase, and on average, I would buy a pair of new boots after about a-year-and-a-half to two years.
  • 1995 - I got my first pair of beginner skates.
  • 1998 - I got a pair of "real" skates: Riedell Silver Star, with Coronation Ace blades.
  • Jun 2000 - I got a pair of Riedell Gold Stars. I think I kept the blades...
  • Jan 2002 - I decided to "upgrade" and got myself Riedell Royals & Pattern 99 blades
  • Dec 2003 - I got a new pair of Riedell Royals and a new pair of Pattern 99 blades as well!
  • Apr 2006 - my boots were really breaking down, so I had to get a new pair!

After I changed my boots last year, I realised how overdue the change had been. My previous pair had broken down so much, that I was suspecting that must be the reason I hadn't been landing my doubles!

Now my current pair is one-year-old. I will have to start thinking about getting new boots in a few months' time!


Jacki said...

Hey! I just came across your blog on skate forums. I was wondering how you like the reidell royals? (Although I suspect you like them since you bought them more than once). I'm currently in silver stars, and I'm trying to decide between upgrading to gold stars or royals, or maybe switching to SP Teri. I really like my silver stars right now.

Chow said...

Hi Jacki, thanks for stopping by ;-)
I really do like Royals! They are stiffer than Gold Stars, but I find them more comfortable. I have always been with Riedells, and they have worked wonderfully for me. I dont' know much about other boots, so I won't comment on that :-)