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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Manleywoman Skatecast

Allison Manley has started a "skatecast", essentially a podcast for figure skating fans and skaters. It is called The Manleywoman Skatecast.

Her first podcast was an interview with Kurt Browning, and the second (most recent) podcast was an interview with Rhea Schwartz.

Rhea is the "force behind the adult figure skating movement in the USA and beyond", and in this interview, she recounts some stories of how she started skating, and worked to build up adult skating. Towards the second half of the interview, she talks about international adult competitions, sure enough she mentions the ISU Adult Competition. She also made reference to skaters from as far away as Australia & New Zealand, and skaters from Asia - Thailand and Singapore (yours truly!).

It is extremely interesting to hear all this from Rhea's perspective, and also very encouraging to hear about her skating experiences as an adult.


Anonymous said...


I cannot connect to the podcast link. Could you please let me know how I can subscribe it on my itune?

I enjoy your blog and admire your skating. I am also an adult skater in Asia. I am at Taiwan and I am the only adult skater in my rink. Thank you for sharing your experiences here.


Chow said...

Hi Keng, Thanks for your comment and your feedback. There was an error in the links, I have fixed it.

Happy skating! :-)