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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Toe Loop Entry

There are two entries that are most often seen for the toe loop - one from an inside-3-turn (RFI3 for CCW skaters), and the other from a step onto the BO edge, commonly done with a preceding FO3 (for CCW skaters, LFO3-RBO).

I started with, and stuck to, the RFI3 entry. Indeed, at some point some coach had tried to convert me to the LFO3-RBO entry, but that was an absolute failure.

In recent years, I have taken to doing the split jump - toe loop in my program. I sort of like it better because it makes me more aware of keeping the free-leg stretched on the entry, and hence keeps the free leg from cross around too much for the pick.

So today, I was sort of surprised when one of the coaches told me that he feels that split jump - double toe is more difficult "because it curves too much"! "It is a different feel", he said. On further thought, I realised that he uses the "other entry" into the toe - that must be why it feels different!!

In any case, as long as my split jump - double toe continues to get more consistent, I'm sticking to it! I did land a couple of those this morning, albeit the landings weren't exactly pretty...


loon said...

how about doing it with a mohawk + step, rather than a LFO + step?

do you think it would be easier?

Chow said...

haha, i can't imagine a Mo + step being easier. then again, i never tried!