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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Camels - of all sorts!

I had wanted to make the title "Camel, back camel, flying camel and opposite camel", but decided it was too annoying, senseless, and long.

Today must be the first time (or one of the extremely rare occasions) I tried all of those in one session. I started off trying to spin the "opposite" direction - the CW camel, and kept getting on the toe pick after one revolution. BUT I think if I keep working on it, it probably can work... just like the "opposite" upright.

I then decided to work on the regular forward camel spin... and embarrassingly, my first few attempts at were more pathetic than my opposite camel attempts!

Now, I haven't really done a camel spin in... eons! To be sure, my current program does not have one - and for good reason, as I have a tendency to fall out of it. So for the last few months, I have only been working on the back camel and flying camel regularly.

Yet, some things aren't so easily forgotten. It just took a few pathetic tries, and the camel-sit-back sit was back to normal. I suppose having to think about the position when doing the opposite spin also made something click for the forward one!

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