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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back to Skating

After climbing the Great Wall on Thursday - all the way to the topmost tower - my thighs were aching last two days. They are much better today, and since a couple of my students had cancelled this morning, I decide to skate a bit.

Hadn't really skated in 4 days (don't count yesterday, since I went on just to coach and got off!). Still, jumps felt good. Axels felt high and "correct", and 2Sals landed nicely - execpt for the ones I popped when there were people nearby! 2Toes felt too easy to be true, but as usual the L foot is annoying me by tapping down every time!

I did some spins, and even tried the "opposite camel" (CW camel) which surprisingly went around almost 3 revs, though I was falling way on the inside edge. Perhaps I might consider putting that in my program! LOL

I conclude that I need to work-out more... just doing things on-ice is not enough - that works only one set of muscles - I believe there is a complementary set that must be strengthened in order to perform well. That is why off-ice training is so important for skaters!
(or maybe I just need to take 4-day breaks once in a while!!)

1 comment:

loony said...

YES !!! 4 days break work wonders. it's good muscle refreshment break.