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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The color of Orange

It is a public holiday today, and I decided to skate in the morning. It was drizzling slightly when I got to the rink, so I grabbed the only umbrella that was in the car. There were more skaters at the rink than usual, as some of them were preparing group programs for the inter-school competition in June.

I went into the coach's room to put down my stuff, grabbed my bag and was heading over to get my skates, when somebody commented "hey, you match!". It didn't take a moment for me to realise I had on an orange T-shirt and a black skirt, and the bag I usually carry is also orange-and-black!

After skating, I went back to the coach's room to get my stuff. As I emerged, one of the little skaters observed, "hey you are all orange today!". Sure enough, it wasn't just my shirt and the bag, but the only umbrella that was in the car was orange!!

Skating was so-so... there were so many skaters on the ice (and group numbers too) that I didn't bother to do my program. I don't think it would have been possible either, anyway. I worked mostly on jumps. Axels and double Sals were pretty good. Double toe felt wonderful until I landed - on both feet - ARGH!!!

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