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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vana Tallinn Trophy 2007

We just had the award ceremony for the Vana Tallinn Trophy, and about to go for the medieval feast...

My freeskate felt like a disaster! Singled the 2toe, popped the 2sal, and later fell on the Axel... ARGH! Anyway whatever I did was ok, and whatever I didn't do - well, I didn't do!

What's more interesting is pairs. Loon and I thought it'd be fun to enter pairs, even though we haven't skated together for 2 years! Turned out we only had three 25-min sessions to work out a pairs program, AND practise our own freeskate programs!

We ended up with a "pairs improvisation". I was glad it didn't
look too bad!

(This was really posted on Saturday May 19 2007, 7:55pm Estonia time)

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