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Monday, May 21, 2007

Reflections on VTT program

We received the competition protocol at the banquet last night.

My first conclusion is that I need to work on improving the program component score. Indeed, my technical elements score was higher than the 2nd-placed lady, even with singled & popped jumps!

I was also thrilled that I got a +1 and even a +2 for my spiral sequence - which incidentally was a level 3! :-)

Then came the observation that the 2nd-placed lady had both her step *and* spiral sequences scored... the announcement had stated "max one step or spiral sequence".

The 1.8 points would have changed our final placings!

Still, the fact remains that I must not chicken out on the doubles, and that I ought to pay attention to program components!

(This was posted on Sun 20 May, 10:52pm Estonia time.)

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