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Saturday, May 12, 2007

ISU Rule Clarification & Changes

Last week, ISU put out Communication No 1445, with rule clarifications and changes for the 2007-08 season.

Some changes include...

Spins: "basic positions" are defined (upright, sit, camel), with the introduction of an "intermediate position". There are also some changes to level features, one of which includes at least 8 revs in a "basic position" as a feature for spins with no change of position.

Step and spiral sequences: various changes to level features... makes it now seem like its way harder to get a L4 spiral sequence!

Jumps: jumps in a jump sequence must be connected by non-listed jumps and hops, and steps or turns in between are not allowed!

Very interesting, but at the same time a little confusing... Nevertheless, it will make choreographying my next program more challenging! ;-) BUT I suppose that will have to wait 'til after Oberstdorf... for now, FOCUS!!!

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