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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back cross rolls

Cross rolls are a lot harder than they look! I mean, if you really want to make it truely outside-edge-to-outside-edge and make it look effortless...

Long ago, some pointers given to me included:
  - the free blade slides across the ice close to the skating foot
  - keep the blades are perpendicular
  - free blade is placed on the ice as it slides by the skating foot

What is important is the change of weight onto the new skating foot - this must be done with the correct timing and position!

When I did back cross rolls yesterday morning, dance coach told me that I was jumping them! Sheesh, was I? Indeed, I must have been waiting too long before changing my weight, allowing myself to fall back on the new skating foot and hence the hop.

Two other things, he said, keep the knee bent, and keep the knees open on the transition. Must have helped, as he seemed satisfied after that.

Oh and one more observation he made, my back rolls has a much stronger push on one side than the other!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sounds good. seems like you are really enjoying dance lessons now. :)) different from before?