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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Me and the boards

Wonder why I have such affinity to the boards - I love to crash into them!

Long ago, during a stroking session at Lansing, I caught the back inch of my blade during back crossovers and the speed send me sliding across the ice all the way to the boards on the far end.

That is the only boards incident in a full-size rink that I can recall. The rest (below) happen in the rink here...

All too often, I would be working on a dance, or a field move, and bang into the boards.

During one of the Association tests, I was supposed to do the field moves involving BI3 (ok, I admit I don't remember exactly how those go now). I got too close, blade skated into the ridge between the edge of the ice and the boards, and I just slid down.

Working on the Fiesta Tango for the very first Mountain Cup I went into the FI mohawk for the end-pattern. The next thing I knew, I had slammed into the doorway - someone had left the door open! OUCH!

Last week, I was working on the double toe, tried to avoid a skater and brought the jump farther down the rink than usual. The moment I landed, wham into the boards! One of the older lady skaters told me, "you should be more careful!" I was thinking, "yeah, if I hadn't been careful, it would have been that girl, not the boards!"

This morning, again on the BI3, I suddenly saw the wall in front of me right after the turn. OOPS, WHAM!!! Here we go again...

1 comment:

Davina said...

Join the club :) I walk into things all the time, tables, chairs, desks, walls, you name it.

Once I had a stroking class with Alexandre at the Rink in Lansing and I skated straight into the board. He skated over and said something like "That's the board right here." Well, I know, thanks a lot! So I have been trying to stay away from them whenever possible ;)

The last few weeks had been worse than usual. I opened the door into my forehead at home last week. This week I fell and hit my head at Lynah. I wonder how long it will take before my new coach figures that it's too dangerous to coach me...

Something strange is going on :)