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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back from vacation

Got back yesterday after a holiday in Cambodia. It was a fun, interesting and educational vacation,
FIVE days without skating, and the double Sal has disappeared... I suppose it thought that if I could go on vacation, it can too! At least my Axel only turned ugly, and didn't go away completely.
I feel so broken...
First, my right knee was really stiff - no less from all the climbing around in the Angkor ruins.
Then, my back was kinda sore - from all the bumping around in the tuk-tuk? I hope to keep back problems at bay...
Lastly, my landing leg kept sliding out from under me. Later I realised that I didn't lace my right boot tight enough!
Boy, I even forgot how to lace my skates?!? Wonder what state my skating would be in after the 10-day hiatus in January when the rink will be closed for renovation!

1 comment:

leanne said...

I think you just have not got enough rest.