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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking back at this past year...

It is once again that time of the year where we reminisce and take stock of events in the year gone by.

2006 has been quite a good year for me (skating-wise, at least). I skate with more confidence, the double Sal & double toe are feeling much better, I have experimented with different variations in spins and spiral sequences... I have learned a lot and overall, I am happy with my achievements in the year.

A look back at some events in my skating life:

I started this blog! It is proving useful in reviewing what has been going on this past year...

My various issues with dance.
A last-minute pairing, inspired me to try again.
I was later obliged to stop, but gave it a final shot - which failed!

I found out that I have a fracture in the spine! Fortunately, my back has held up very well throughout the year.

There are new things in my skating life
- Choreographed a new freestyle program (and practising it!)
- Put together my first "Artistic" program (within one month)!
- New variations for the combination spin, footwork sequence and spiral sequence.

To top it all, of course, my win at Mountain Cup 2006!
Not forgetting also that I am the National Champion in the Adult Ladies' category.

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