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Friday, December 01, 2006

First day of 2006 Skate Asia Winter Classic

Competition started today.

I took the Gold judges test and... uh... yeah I passed, but just barely! Seriously, the errors were because I read/interpreted the question differently (read: wrongly) OR I put down the answer without thinking (and without checking!).

Oh and also because I didn't believe Freestyle 9 and 10 skaters receive their Freestyle entry FREE at ISI National events! I suppose I knew about it at some point in time, but I didn't remember...

Anyway, after the test was an hour of waiting for the coaches' meeting, then another hour of waiting for my first event -> Figures. The selected figure was the inside eight, and I did ok, though I was quite horrified that my tracings were so horribly far off! Of course it didn't help that the portion of ice I was on was a little uneven.

I did jump and spin with RL. To my surprise, my coach wanted him to do the double loop and I do the flying camel. I mean, his double loop hadn't been all that consistent, but I hadn't seen him for 2 months I thought maybe that has changed. I suppose not... He popped the first loop and did a single instead. Then he stepped out of the second one. Fine, I'm not perfect either - fell out of my first flying camel, though the second one was ok.

Solo Compulsories was right after that. It was 8pm by then, and I had been hanging around the rink for almost 7 hours - I must have been in the perfect frame of mind to do compulsories!

Anyway, the double Sal actually felt good until I stepped out of it. ARGH!!! Then, I did the classic Chow move -> falling out of the camel spin. I think it is good that I'm choreographing my new freestyle program without a forward camel!

So, I left feeling very dissatisfied. Dissatisfied because I didn't perform, not because I ended up second against nobody! Then again, when I thought about it, I must admit that if I had performed yet ended up second I would have been hopping mad!

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