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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Skaters changing coaches

I don't usually question why skaters switch coaches.
I don't usually ask why skaters choose the coaches they are with.

Each coach works differently, has different technique, different style, and different interaction with students. A coach may work well with some skaters, but not others. Some skaters may like one coach but not another. Each skater should find a coach they are comfortable with.

BUT, it is unavoidable that gossip gets around the rink.

Recently I heard that a skater is considering switching coaches... why? Her mother said, "people say she should find a more "pro" coach as she gets to a higher level."

From what I see now, she's with a capable coach, who can teach comfortably at her level. I suppose if she feels she is stagnating, its her prerogative to try another coach. Which coach? "They say Coach X is better than Coach Y. What do you think?"

Oh, "they say"?? Is that why everyone is flocking to Coach X? So what do I think?

From personal experience in freestyle lessons: I feel that Coach X has done nothing for me in the two years I was under him, while Coach Y has done wonders in just this past year.

That is such a high-level, sweeping comparison, sounds totally unfair, but it is really how I do feel. So, if anyone had asked me, they would have gone to Coach Y, right? Of course it is not always fair. I still respect Coach X's technique and attitude, but not for me, not at the time I was under him - I felt I made zero progress!

Some time back, it also seemed there were "complaints" of coaches soliciting other coaches' students. The way I see it, it might not be the coach that is doing the soliciting, but rather the gossip around the rink!

And I am now losing a student to my own coach... oh well...

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