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Monday, December 11, 2006

Trying to practise my program

This needs a cartoon, but I am no artist, so simple diagrams and words will have to suffice.

I work my program myself (heck, my coach hasn't even looked at it yet!). I put in my CD, hit the play butten and RUN to the start position. Then I look around, and... this is not a specific scenario, but quite typical:
Coach A is standing right in front of me - on the exact spot I do my combination spin.
Coach B is working with a student on crossovers on a little circle in the corner exactly where I would land the Axel.
Coach C always has his students do jumps (and spins too) in the Lutz corner.
Coach D would be standing near the other side.

This diagram shows their relative positions to me:

Thus I start the obstacle course...
1. Can't do the combination spin. Ok, just a small spinning motion, wait for the music...
2. I get to the Axel, and OOPS! Ok, do a Waltz jump... pretend it was a beautiful Axel. No problem!
3. Skate around for the Lutz... uh-oh! NO! Dont' even jump!
After that, I finally get to the a bit of my program, then the layback, then...
4. Spiral sequence starts with a backwards... Oh sorry, can't do it, someone's there!

JOKER! How can I ever get a full run-through of my program?

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