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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dynamics at the Rink

With the new pricing scheme, the dynamics at the rink is changing...

Beginners are allocated to the "Tier 1" coaches... or rather, the "instructors".

The full-time coaches (and other Tier 2 coaches) are starting to have more free time. Partly due to regular students stopping or cutting back on lessons due to the increased expense, and partly due to not getting most of the beginner skaters. On the other hand, the instructors are getting busy, and often have full schedules.

Some history: These "instructors" are those employed to work behind the skate counter - to give out skates, and provide "free guidance" to group bookings. At one period of time when there was a dire lack of coaches, they were also brought in to also teach "introductory lessons". This slowly evolved to teaching any skater who would have lessons with them.

OK, let me get this straight - I do not have anything against the instructors coaching. In fact, I think they are doing a pretty decent job with the beginners. I make the distinction only because of their original job-scope... they are hired primarily to man the skate counter!!!

So while the instructors are busy, who mans the skate counter? Nobody! Oh, sorry, yes, there's somebody - the full-time coaches who have some time off and happen to be sitting there...

"could you get skates for me please"

My coach was insulted when he had to do that! To make matters worse, I heard that last week, he had to take a group for "free guidance" because all the instructors had lessons scheduled!

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