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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Singapore Nationals 2007 - trivia

Which sports event is complete without some trivia? Here is some useless info about the 6th Singapore National Figure Skating Championships 2007.

Highest score in a program: 56.91
- Alexandria Wong, pre-Novice LP

Highest PCS (unfactored) in a program: 20.16
- Alexandria Wong, pre-Novice SP

Highest technical score (panel) in a program: 18.81
- Yi Ching Ng, Juvenile A

Highest score (panel) for a jump element: 3.3
- Tasha Benfield, Junior FS (2Lz+2Lo+COMBO)

Highest score (panel) for a spin: 2.5
- Chow Ying Lee, Adult Gold Ladies' (CCoSp2)

Most difficult jump called: 2A
- Sunny Man, Adult Masters Men

Highest level spin called: Level 2
- Chow Ying Lee, Adult Gold Ladies: CCoSp2
- Sarah Paw, Novice: CCoSp2 (SP&FS), LSp2 (FS)
- Sarah Rodgers, pre-Novice: FSSp2 (SP), LSp2 (FS)
- Cheryl Khoo, Preliminary B: CCoSp2

Highest level spiral sequence called: Level 2
- Isabelle Tan, Adult Gold Ladies

** Note: no step sequence above Level 1 was called

Youngest Champion: Gazel Lee 7 years old, pre-Preliminary

The scores from IJS give a very interesting comparison between all the competitors that transcends events, levels and age groups. Granted there are different requirements and restrictions for different levels, the scores still provide a relative standing of all the competitors. In my eyes, the skater with the highest total score in a program ought to be proclaimed our true National Champion!
Congratulations, Alexandria Wong!


Laura said...

And don't forget--there was a brand new element created at Nationals this year. The Chow Yinger. I can hardly wait to see who copies this move next year. You know that someone will. LOL.

Chow said...

umm... you guys sure won't let me get away with that, will you!