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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rink Renovation

While I have heard some time ago, it is now officially announced:
The rink will be closed for renovation from 8th to 17th of January 2007

They are optimistic that the renovation might be completed early, in which case the rink will re-open on or before 17 Jan. To be sure, the previous time they re-did the ice, it was completed early.

In any case, I will probably have to deal with skating withdrawal for those 10 days! Talk about AOSS! LOL!

* AOSS = Adult-Onset Skating Syndrome


sihao said...

blade @ ecp ... the fresh air will do you good :)

Chow said...

haha, yah, now that there's no more haze! but actually, i've never bladed before!