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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Singapore Nationals 2007 - my skate

I had my event this morning. How embarrassing to fall on a spiral - my DH didn't hesitate to remind me of the previous time I did that in competition...

I started a little shaky, and it didn't help that I stepped down hard on my R foot with my L blade on an Axel landing during the warmup... I could barely hold the first camel position in my combination spin, and I did an Axel-loop, but uh, my free leg was a little too low, and I stepped hard on the ice instead of going for the toe loop at the end. *sigh* Two-footed the double toe after that, but I really should be happy since this is the first one I actually rotated it in competition!

Then, horror of horrors, I went into my forward spiral (the second spiral of my spiral sequence) and was very happy until I suddenly thought, uh-oh, I'm skidding, and then, uh-oh, I skidded! By then I was on the ice... ARGH!!!

I was so out of it, I decided, no more doubles... No more axels either, I'd just make the second Axel a loop-loop combination instead. As I was going into the double Sal, I thought, make it a single Sal-loop-toe loop. That was fine, or would have been fine if not for the fact that I still went ahead and did the Lutz-toe loop at the very end - I totally forgot that I would then have TOO MANY COMBINATIONS!! WHAT A MISTAKE!

I really wasn't thinking straight. Still, I won the category. I'm really curious what the detailed scores are like.


OD said...

congratulations !


and mine are under

Event: Herren B

Chow said...

Thanks, OD :-)
You did just as well!