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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Exit of spin is take-off for jump

Two days ago I was pondering about a jump immediately after a spin.
If a skater performs a spin with an immediate following jump, the two elements are called as such. Credit will be given to the jump as a difficult take-off (GOE).
(clarifications on Pg 13 of ISU communication 1319)

I made a mental note to myself that it would have to be a toe loop or a loop immediately after the spin.

Suddenly, the realisation hit me - my combination spin ends with the "opposite spin", so I exit on the LBO edge, meaning I can (theoretically) go into a Lutz immediately! BUT it might not be possible (or it'd be ugly!)...

Then the next wave of realisation was that, if I moved my Lutz forward to be immediately after the spin, I wouldn't have to rush so much to start my step sequence on time!

On Sunday I tried a Lutz immediately after the spin. It was not impossible, but I had so little speed into the jump - it was so painfully slow! I tried it with a few more steps before the Lutz, it was better. I was set on changing my program on Monday morning...

There was one problem, however... I had not fully choreographed the changed part, and so when my coach saw it, he was not for the idea at all - let's not change the program less than 3 weeks before competition!

So my program stays - for now!

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