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Friday, March 16, 2007

Rushing in program?

Funny how I've been complaining I keep rushing in my program and can't possibly have enough time to start (nor end) the step sequence in time with the music.

This week, the few times I ran through my program - and was able to actually do the first jump combination - I somehow managed to start the step sequence about where I'd intended to start it. My coach must be thinking I was making a fuss for nothing.

Blame it on the fact that before this, I never was able to really do the Axel-loop-toe loop combination... there would always someone where I'm supposed to jump, or I'd mess up the Axel! I must have virtually allocated too much time to the jump...

Anyway, I still feel rushed, but maybe its not that bad. Now I need to hold my spirals longer so I won't have to stand still for so long after the spiral sequence...

This morning, I actually managed to do the first 2 minutes of my program clean and without interruption (i.e. not avoiding people). What happened after that is not worth talking about!

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