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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The most useless ice time

This evening must have been the most useless (and most expensive so far) ice time I've ever skated!

There were so many of us on the ice, and with everyone's music playing we all got to go a grand total of one time. Of course when my turn came, I really skated probably just half my program because of other skaters in the way...

If you are not the kind who likes to read painful gruesome detail accounts of what went wrong,

First off, I had decided on Plan B-2. It seemed a perfect plan, except that I haven't skated it to music yet. Meaning there were places where I still am not sure where or if it would fit in the music.

I started with an ok combi spin (the camel wasn't great, but the rest felt ok), then exited on the L, stepped forward to go clockwise and here comes a pair with a death spiral coming right into me. Actually if I hadn't seen their program before and known where exactly they were doing it, I probably wouldn't have stopped and it would have been a real death spiral.

Still, I then couldn't cut across the rink to set up for the first combi jump, which meant I can't know where to fit in the next part which had changed for Plan B-2.

Oh, nevermind, I can still continue with the footwork sequence, which incidentally, cut across the rink sort of diagonally, then I have to turn right around so I can do the flip... but of course there's someone spinning in that corner. So, no flip.

Oh nevermind, just continue with the spin (which was part of Plan B). That was fine, and I think can fit just nice with the spiral sequence starting right after - that is assuming the step sequence and flip had fit in where I thought it would...

Parts of my spiral sequence tends to get quite close to the wall - a terrible thing, since everyone hangs near the wall trying to avoid me. The last spiral in the sequence was the RBI spiral, and someone's doing a spin right there, but it ok, I see him and I will curve in a little more... then suddenly he skates out into my path AAARRRGGGHHH!!! And so I missed the Axel that was supposed to be right after that too.

My coach later chastised me for not changing course to avoid him, but... how many times can one decide to change course in a spiral???

Oh nevermind, let's continue after the Axel (and by the time I got there I was a little late in the music). The double Sal was the only jump I actually attempted in the program!! It was followed by the flying camel (quite slow by then!) and then another change made in Plan B, which I realised I was kinda behind the music. I think I'll have to fix that somehow.

Really, I should have stayed home, slept early and skate the early morning ice time tomorrow instead! I think I will still go in tomorrow morning, but *sigh* its already past midnight!

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