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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gearing up for Nationals

It is less than 2 weeks to Nationals. Everyone's gearing up for it, and the Singaporean skaters living overseas are arriving in Singapore.

BUT, I don't seem to be in any gear right now... Indeed, this must be free-gear - everything is so sloppy!

I caught a very persistent flu bug 2 weeks ago, and have been coughing every other breath I take. Makes it impossible to skate a program! Its better now, though remnants of it still remain.

It also didn't help that on Monday morning, I wiped out on the entry to the layback - fell on my front, and with the ice always so rough, I now have grazes on my tummy! How I can possibly wipe out on a spin entry still blows my mind, though. I must have taken too deep an edge and skidded - that reminds me, blades need to be sharpened!

So the next time I skated, I was sore. Then, after a couple of double toes, my back started to hurt... *sigh*

The only consolation I have is that I know I can do at least the first 2 min of my program!! Well that's most of it already.

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