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Friday, March 23, 2007

Program without elements

My back is not good again... Monday's fall must have affected my back too. I went to see my physiotherapist on Wednesday, and she told me rest for 2 days, and not to skate 'til the weekend.

Still, I had lesson this morning anyway, because it felt a teeny eeny weeny bit better, and also because I would need to know whether to start making a "Plan B". I landed the first few Axels, but later just couldn't jump up for 2Sal. It wasn't that it hurt, but rather that I couldn't get the strength to jump up, nor the courage to take the impact on the landing. My coach was exasperated... "what can you do?" he asked.

So, I did a program run-through with "nothing". Umm... ok, not entirely nothing - I did do one waltz jump, the step sequence, a sit-change sit... and a single Sal because I found that once I set up for a Sal its not so easy to not jump (unlike for flip or Lutz).

The plus side was, I ran through the entire program. It was kinda fun to do a program without being stressed about the elements... and having lots of time in between. In fact, it is so fun that I'm actually seriously considering Plan B: only single jumps!

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