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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spin revolutions

Yesterday morning, SISA held a simulation for the National team skaters, and one of the judges (who will not be judging at this Nationals) came in to do a critique.

I wasn't being critiqued, but I was there, and one rather shocking feedback I heard was that in a spin, a minimum of 3 revs was required in position for it to count. Ok, fine, maybe it is shocking to just me.

From ISU Communication 1319, under "spins"
The minimum number of revolutions required in each position is two (2). In case this requirement is not fulfilled, the position is not counted.
Umm... did I miss a later update, or did I overlook that SISA had decided to use three revs as the criteria for this year's Nationals?

But after all, if the rules say 2 revs, who in their right mind would go exactly for 2 revs. Indeed I do try to hold 3 for most of my spins... but with all the position changes & variations for my combination spin, some positions might end up "just under"! EEKS, better fix that!!

1 comment:

OD said...

i think a solo spin and for the last upright spin to count, it has to be 3.

in combinations the position will count if it's 2... so for example a variation, or a change of spinning edge etc. need only 2, and i think even in competitions, we see skaters normally do only 2.

making more is just kiasu lah...