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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Plan B-2

After last week's back problem, I was planning on a "Plan B" -> only single jumps...

On Saturday evening, I tried to execute it, but uh... its really not such a good idea to change the program last-minute - when the music is on, I can't remember to make the changes, and of course for the parts I did remember, I realised I didn't yet plan how to enter the jump!

Yesterday morning, my coach called to say he was sick. Unfortunately, he happened to be the only coach holding the key to the rink, leaving all of us skaters (and other coaches) waiting for an hour for one of the other rink staff to come. I skated just half an hour, as I had to get to work. Still, it was a pretty good session - back is still a little tight, but manageable.

And guess what? I have decided on Plan B-2... to change my program (oh, no, no, no, not again!!!) hopefully it will work at this evening's ice time. Hopefully my back will hold out too!

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